Trees The Lungs of The Earth


Trees are very important for the Earth and bring numerous benefits with them. Trees are essential not only for humans, animals, and birds but also for our Earth on which we live, providing many advantages. There are approximately 3 trillion trees on our planet. Trees come in many types; some are tall, while others are short. Some have broad leaves, while others have small leaves.The tree has a main stem which helps keep the Earth stable. Because of trees, it rains, living things get oxygen, and they absorb the harmful gas carbon dioxide, keeping the atmosphere clean. Trees provide shade, which is especially appreciated when the sun is directly overhead at noon and you spot a tree. This is when you realize the importance of trees. Additionally, they provide food and shelter for animals and birds.

Trees are like plants; just as plants need sunlight, water, and air, trees also need these. They can grow anywhere, whether in very hot areas or cold ones, plains or by rivers, and even in deserts. However, they cannot grow in frozen landscapes or at high altitudes like mountains. They do not exist underwater in the deep ocean, on rocky surfaces, or in commercial areas.

Trees live much longer than plants; in fact, some trees can live for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Types of trees:

There are thousands of tree species, many of which have not yet been discovered. Today, we will talk about two main types of trees: deciduous trees and evergreen trees.

Deciduous Trees:

The meaning of “deciduous” is “shedding,” which means these trees shed their leaves. However, they do not shed leaves all the time; their leaves fall during the fall season and grow back in the spring. In summer, they are quite dense, keeping the environment cool. Mostly, elm, oak, cherry, and maple trees are deciduous. The trunks of oak trees are very strong, playing a significant role in making furniture. Some deciduous trees are very colorful, which boosts tourism. Deciduous trees are also called broadleaf trees because their leaves are broad. The fruits that are rich in nutrients and taste also come from deciduous trees.

Evergreen Trees:

Evergreen trees, as the name suggests, are trees that remain alive and green for a long time, if not always, then for decades and centuries. Their leaves are needle-like, and the trees themselves are cone-shaped. The cone-shaped trees used for decoration at Christmas are evergreen trees. They absorb carbon dioxide for a long time. An interesting fact about evergreen trees is that they reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound waves.

Uses of Trees:

A tree may seem ordinary at first glance, but if we start listing its benefits and uses, they would never end. The leaves, trunk, flowers, roots, and branches of a tree all help humans in different ways. Some of these benefits include;

Natural Rubber:

Rubber, which is used in many daily items such as tires, shoes and slippers, erasers, car mats, and many other things, comes from trees. Specifically, it comes from the tree known as Hevea brasiliensis, which contains latex used to make rubber. These trees start producing latex after 5 to 6 years of planting and continue for up to 30 years, after which new trees are planted in their place. A cut is made on the trunk of these trees, and cups are attached to collect the latex that flows out. The collected latex is then taken to factories for cleaning and processing into various products. Rubber is also extensively used in the automobile industry.


As we know, wood is an important part of our lives, used to make countless items like furniture, paper, utensils, and houses. Wood comes from trees, which are cut down to obtain it. We get various types of wood from trees. For example, Sheesham wood is very strong and therefore quite costly. Sheesham trees are found in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, among others. This wood is used for making furniture and flooring. Deodar and Kikar are other types of wood. Deodar is used for building houses, while Kikar is used for making traditional beds called charpoys.


Paper, without which we can’t even imagine our lives today, is made from the hard logs of trees. The process begins by cutting trees into logs, then removing their bark using machines, which is used as fuel. The logs are then broken into small chips and mixed with water to create pulp. This pulp is cleaned and bleached to make it white. The pulp slurry is then spread onto sheets to give them the shape of paper, which are then dried, resulting in the final product.

Trees have numerous uses; they provide us with nuts, fruits, and vegetables, are used in medicines, serve as fuel, and above all, they help keep our Earth’s atmosphere clean. However, their importance is often overlooked, and trees are being cut down at an alarming rate to make way for residential areas, with little to no effort made to replant them. We seem to have forgotten that just like water, air, and food are crucial for us, trees are equally important. Therefore, it becomes the individual responsibility of every person to plant trees, spread awareness, and educate others about the importance of trees.

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