Self Prioritization And Misuse Of Good People

Self Prioritization:

We must have observed that nowadays, it’s becoming quite common to prioritize one’s own interests first, avoiding putting oneself in difficulty due to others. To save as much as possible from getting involved in someone else’s work or troubles, and to think about what is better for oneself. It’s essential to think to such an extent for oneself that, even if it means putting someone else in difficulty, it’s okay. Before helping someone, think thousands of times, and when spending money on unnecessary things for oneself, do it without thinking, but when spending on someone else, think a hundred times.

What is happening that such negative changes are occurring in people? What is the reason behind this trend of thinking, and is it right or wrong? At first glance, it seems wrong for people to become so selfish, solely focusing on themselves. This can have a negative impact on society, and it might lead to a decline in humanity. People around them will likely feel disturbed by this attitude.But behind this negativity some other reasons can be involved.

Misuse Of Good People:

A good person is someone who consistently thinks about others, not considering personal gain or loss when helping. Being a good person means not creating difficulty or obstacles for others. The major flaw often lies in a good person’s tendency to assume that others are also good like them. In our society, the common occurrence is that if someone is known to be good ,It’s easy to fool this person; we can get our work done through them as they won’t say anything. What happens is that due to their good nature and personality, without realizing, they become a tool for others to exploit, even by those they consider friends.The truth is, a person who never thinks of harming others or putting someone in difficulty for personal gain often fails to realize that those around them might be doing harm to them.

Now, that person also possesses intelligence, and there comes a day in their life when their eyes open, and they realize the reality of the world. Initially, they try to deny this reality, but when they critically analyze and start taking note of what is actually happening with the people around them, the day comes when the pain of being good becomes evident. This is perhaps where society succeeds in turning a good person into a negative force, a fact that society might not even be aware of.

The good person who always thinks positively about others is facing such harshness from our society that it doesn’t even consider what sacrifices that person might be making for us. Instead, society continually exploits their goodness. As a result, the good person loses all their virtues and transforms into someone who can confront society.When the good person realizes that they were helping someone who was taking advantage of them, they stop helping others from that day forward. In the life of every good person, there comes a day when they start seeing the realities of the people around them one by one. Initially, they find it hard to digest, experiencing immense pain. However, eventually, they stop being good to people.

The trends in our society indicate that the increasing negativity and the rise of individuals solely focused on their own interests are largely created by us. Our selfishness plays the most significant role in eliminating good people from society.An example of this is if a child who loves drawing or has a particular passion is not appreciated by their family for their talent. Instead, they are encouraged to use their skill for others without any payment. Eventually, there will come a day when either they will abandon their hobby or start asking for money from people.

Mostly, changes in a person are observed closely. Take a girl, for instance, who, despite not having much money, never refuses to help others when they are in need. Now, consider another girl who, upon learning about the first girl’s generous habit, starts taking small loans from her under various pretexts. When the first girl eventually stops lending money, even in genuine situations, the negative perception that people don’t repay loans gets ingrained in her mind. In this way, a girl who used to be a completely different person initially now becomes someone with negative traits. Society may label her negatively due to this change, despite her being a genuinely good person before.

Apart from this, another common occurrence is that if a person, due to their good nature and kindness, helps someone with a task, people here tend to start getting all their work done from that person. Eventually, that person becomes frustrated and stops doing any work for others. This happens because when something bad happens to a person, the fear of that incident settles in their heart, and they never do that task again.

So, if we want to prevent such society who always think positively about others, are ready to help anyone anytime, from diminishing in society, we need to learn to appreciate them. We must stop taking advantage of their goodness. Remembering the favors done by that kind person, we should also think positively about them and never put them in a difficult situation for our own benefit.If our society stops misusing of good people so one day there will be majority of kindness and generosity.


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