Parents & Children

PARENTS AND CHILDREN:The unconditional love

Parents, what are they for a child? For a child, their parents are no less than angels, and why shouldn’t they be? Even before coming out of their children’s mouths, they fulfill every wish, whether possible or impossible for them. These parents are the ones whose purpose in life is to bring happiness to their children and illuminate their lives. Only parents are the one who know how to solve every issue of their children in the blink of  eyes.

These parents are the ones who comprehend everything, whether by looking at our faces when we cry or by not saying anything .In fact, in this world, only these two creatures exist that always think positively for you. These are the two  who are willing to sacrifice their peace and happiness just for your well-being.

When a child is born, a mother doesn’t worry about her own pain or health issues; if there are any concerns, they are solely hidden in her dreams for her child. Parents are a blessing from Allah, and gratitude for them cannot be expressed enough throughout life. A father, when fulfilling his child’s wish, doesn’t consider whether his income is more or less, or if he has money or not. In his mind, there is only the thought of fulfilling his child’s wants, even if it means sacrificing his own heart.

For a person, sleep holds great importance, but for a mother and father, nothing is more important than their child’s happiness. They sacrifice their entire night’s sleep for their child’s contentment. If a child is sick, a mother spends the whole night watching over them to ensure nothing wrong happens. However, parents may not realize how important they are for their child, just as parents hold their children most dear. Perhaps in childhood, we fail to realize what these two persons are doing for us, not understanding their importance, not listening to their advice, even though their every wish and word is for our benefit.

In childhood, we often have many complaints against our parents. The very first complaint we had against our parents in childhood, when they admitted us to school, was that they were being unfair to us. They would wake us up early in the morning and leave us among strangers. However, as we grow up, we realize that the reality was different. In reality, a child is more precious to parents than anything else, and what a mother goes through when leaving her child in an unknown place cannot be understood until you experience it.

Parents don’t stop worrying about their children from school to college, college to university, university to job, and job to marriage. They always advise us to focus on our studies, despite bringing all the worldly comforts for us. Yet, their ultimate wish is for us to study well and get succeed, and in this singular wish, only our well-being is hidden.

A father whose monthly income is only 80,000 and whose children’s university fees exceed 80,000 can easily make a decision where he doesn’t have to spend so much money on his child’s university education. He might not be criticized for this decision because a person whose salary is only 80,000 and is the sole breadwinner may find it very difficult to pay such hefty fees. However, this father is the one who sacrifices and ensures his child receives a good education. Only these parents know how they provide their children with every necessity and luxury in life.

But when we, as children, grow up, life’s challenges teach us that in this world, no one is as honest with us as our parents. After realizing this, that child’s parents become the ones who shape their life. Then, the goals of our lives become about giving our parents all the happiness they sacrificed for us.

Life sometimes brings situations where a person is surrounded by difficulties, but at such times, giving courage is enough for the child, then parents give their child courage which all anybody needs that moment. Therefore, we should always take care of our parents’s happiness and never causet them any trouble.

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