Life As A Dark Toned Woman

Dark Side Of Our Society:

If we take a look at today’s world, it is evident that several things have positively changed. Women were not given as much respect before, but now they are acknowledged and respected as mothers, daughters, and wives. Initially, education wasn’t prioritized as much, but nowadays, every parent wishes for their child to study in good schools, colleges, and universities.

Earlier, girls lacked confidence and self-esteem, but today, most girls are focusing on their education. In the past, as soon as a girl reached maturity, she would be married off, and there was no interest in building her career or becoming confident. However, today’s girls are engaging in jobs and businesses confidently, working independently in various fields.In the past, only certain fields were given priority; boys were expected to pursue engineering, and girls were pushed towards becoming doctors. However, today, parents are refraining from pressuring their children and are allowing them to explore different fields. Body shaming used to be prevalent, mocking individuals for being slightly overweight, thin, or having disabilities. It would be incorrect to say that body shaming has completely disappeared; it still occurs today, but people now feel less insecure compared to the past. This reduced insecurity has discouraged others from making fun of them.

But amidst all these changes, there’s one thing that was prevalent in the past and still carries its bitterness today. I’m talking about the black skin tone. Whether it’s centuries ago or in the 21st century, if someone has a beautiful son or daughter who happens to be dark-skinned, people look at them with pity. They say the poor child is dark, even though the parents themselves may have fair skin. Why haven’t we stopped this yet? Why is black color still associated with low esteem?

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, both have to endure suffering just because of their dark skin, and at a certain point, they start feeling repulsed by themselves. Every person around them begins to feel toxic. This bitterness is ingrained in our society.

It is true that nowadays, girls are not looked at with sympathy and pity because women are now doing every job that a boy can do. However, it’s unfortunate that a dark-skinned girl, despite having qualities like respecting her parents, achieving a good education, working, financially supporting her family, being beautiful, talented, and capable of handling various tasks, is still judged solely based on her dark skin. Our society tends to overlook each of her qualities and begins to see her as ugly and pitiful just because of her dark complexion. Even today, in countries like Pakistan and India, dark-skinned girls often face the challenge of not receiving marriage proposals. In school, despite being a small part of the class, she struggles to make friends and is looked at with disdain. From strangers to even close ones, everyone continues to make her feel that being dark-skinned is a flaw that shouldn’t be overlooked.Many people have turned the black tone of skin into an insult. It’s not just a matter of illiteracy; even well-educated individuals from respectable families may hesitate to consider marrying a dark-skinned girl. When they go to see a potential match, the primary requirement is often that the girl should be fair-skinned, even if she has other disqualifications. Fair skin has become a measure of people’s dignity.

What does a dark toned girl feel?

Now, when society makes a dark-skinned girl feel this way, let’s talk about what she goes through. Just imagine having a skin tone that is naturally black, with no fault or wrongdoing on your part – it’s just a natural aspect over which no one has control. When society degrades or hurts an individual based on this inherent characteristic, imagine the thoughts that go through her mind every time she looks at herself in the mirror. She wonders what sin she committed to be given a dark color, questioning the unfairness of being judged for something beyond her control.When even her own siblings, relatives, and parents make jokes at her expense, the dark-skinned girl is mentally crushed. She begins to feel unsuccessful in everything she does. Every girl dreams of getting married, but when it is said to her face that they want a fair complexion and she is a bit dark, the girl is left with no tears even for excuses.

In workplaces, where a person is judged solely based on their skills, girls often find themselves consumed by the thought that if only their color were fair like others, life would be free from problems.

If a dark-skinned girl chooses to wear white or light-colored clothes, people start mocking her. After a while, these girls develop self-hatred. This is because when their own mothers suggest using fairness creams, injections, or medications, warning them that no one will marry them unless they lighten their skin tone, a storm of emotions builds up within them that only other dark-skinned girls can truly understand.Wearing half sleeves becomes a source of distress for these girls, as people mock the dark color of their elbows. They try to conceal their feet as much as possible because the dark color is misunderstood as dirt or neglect, as if the feet haven’t been washed. If someone has a fair complexion, they are automatically granted a sense of superiority and considered beautiful, regardless of how attractive the features of a dark-skinned girl might be. Unfortunately, she is made to feel ugly despite her good features.

How the black tone should be taken?

It is crucial to understand that if a girl has a dark complexion, it doesn’t define her worth; it’s a natural aspect. Our society needs to develop a mindset that acknowledges that dark skin doesn’t make someone ugly, impure, or diminish their qualities in any way. We must work towards eliminating colorism and look at every individual with a fair and unbiased perspective, whether they have a dark or fair complexion.

And for the girls who have dark skin, it is essential to build a mindset that allows them to recognize their own qualities and abilities. They should not let the opinions of others or society dictate their behavior, but instead, maintain confidence in themselves. If someone is trying to make them feel insecure, they should not succumb to it. Taking a stand will not only empower them but also discourage others from speaking ill of any dark skinned girl.

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