Aging Unmarried

Aging Unmarried:Unveiling Societial Pressure

Marriage, which represents a beautiful connection between two persons, brings significant changes to one’s life. It is a part of life that emotionally, mentally, and physically supports each other, completing one another.However, it’s essential to note that marriage is not only the sole purpose of life; it’s just a part of life. The decision to embrace this aspect of life is entirely dependent on the person’s readiness, and there’s no set time or age limit.

Societial dilemmas:

Unfortunately, societal pressure, especially on women, is a harsh reality. The pressure intensifies for unmarried women, particularly in their twenties, and society starts to view them negatively. This societal judgment is not only unfair but also fails to consider the various aspects of an girl’s life.

In many cases, societal expectations overshadow the personal goals and aspirations of women. The emphasis on marriage often neglects the potential and capability of women to pursue education, career, and her personal growth.

Personal Goals and Societal Norms: The Dilemma of the Eldest Daughter

For an unmarried woman beyond the age of 20, there are challenges she may face;

Consider the scenario of a girl who is the eldest in her family, where her father has an ordinary job, just enough to meet the essential needs of life. When this girl becomes conscious of her responsibilities, her focus is on contributing to her family, providing them the comforts they deserve.

If this girl decides to pursue higher education to build a career and support her family financially, society tends to discourage her by emphasizing the urgency of marriage. Instead of motivating her, the prevailing mindset starts to make her feel like a burden on her parents.

It’s disheartening that society often overlooks the struggles and achievements of these girls. The societal pressure and taunts can be emotionally distressing, but many of these determined girls manage to ignore such negativity and achieve their goals.

Female Discouragement:

The prevailing mindset becomes evident when females, who themselves might not have pursued higher education or a career, discourage other girls from doing so. This lack of support and understanding from within the female community perpetuates the challenges faced by those aspiring for personal and professional growth.

In analyzing society’s thoughts, it’s clear that those who discourage girls from pursuing higher education often lack such education themselves. They don’t realize that if one girl succeeds, she doesn’t just achieve personal success but represents all women.

It’s crucial for society to understand that a girl who is focused on education and career is an asset to the nation. The mindset that prioritizes early marriage over personal development needs to change.

Marital Alignment:

That’s why our society should have the mindset that late marriage with the right person, not early marriage with the wrong person.

Another important point is that it’s not being said that late marriages should be preferred only, but the idea is that the decision to marry should completely depend on the girl or boy. If the right person is found early, the person, whether male or female, will get married. However, if a woman hasn’t found the right person and her age is advancing, our society should understand this.

What should be the mindset of society?

It’s vital for society to accept that a girl’s identity and capabilities are not determined by the timing of her marriage. Each individual has the right to decide when to take this significant life step. Families should step forward to support their daughters rather than succumbing to societal pressures.

It’s essential for everyone to understand that a girl should be given the full right to pursue education until she desires, without being forcefully directed towards marriage. Age should not be used as a measure of a girl’s worth or importance, and her individual capabilities should be the guiding factor.

Ultimately, society should refrain from judging a girl solely based on the timing of her marriage or the preferences of a potential partner. Instead, the focus should be on recognizing her for who she is and understanding the importance of allowing her the freedom to make decisions that align with her goals.

If there are instances where families are pressurizing a girl into marriage against her wishes, efforts should be made to educate and enlighten them about the significance of supporting the girl in pursuing her dreams. By collectively working towards these changes, we can steer our society in the right direction and contribute to the success of our nation.


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